Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Everyone at the hospital welcoming Petey and Paula's new Baby Ava Leigh Sisto!

Roman, Chris, Caleb and Justice on the dock in Conroe, Texas. Thanks, Vero!

Juliette, Lilliana, and Jumpin Justice Wenz on Memorial Weekend at the Billings!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A perfect pace

Roman ran 2 miles in under 19:00 minutes. Wowee! Go ROBS cross country! Roman and Peyton in perfect stride.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Me and my Godfather, Johnny G, jammin on the Go Kart track!"

"Me and my Godfather, Johnny G, jammin on the Go Kart track!"


YES! The birthday boy scored a Monster 4x4 Beetle Buggy, Herbie gone mad in the Monster Truck world. Look at Justice's ecstacy on his face.

9/2007 - Happy 5th BD Justice!

Family time at Justice's 5th Birthday. Mountasia for Go Kart Riding at the request of Justice.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The boys at the Comets

Tucker, Roman and David------->

Justice and Caleb and the view. Have a few boys and you too will become a sports fan. Thanks goodness for Johnny G, Justice's Godfather for coming up with enough free tickets to see the Houston Comets. New Toyota center was great and the boys had a ball.

Rae is Caleb's Godmother and she told him to be sure his eyes were open when she took this picture. He is a good listener.

Congratulations to our 5th Grade Graduate Roman P. Sisto

Roman accepting his 5th grade certificate.
The family shot in the classroom.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

For those of you that know Caleb you can really appreciate this shot. He trembles at the sight of a dog, any dog. We are working on making friends with all the neighborhood dogs. Well HapPop Frank has a baby goat, named "BO PEEP" and Caleb fell in love. Fed the goat, hugged the goat, pet the goat. I don't like dogs but I like goats? Go figure.

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4/2007 - Quick trip out to LaGrange to see HapPop Frank and the bluebonnets were beautiful...tried to get a shot of the boys in the flowers...they kind of participated....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Caleb Anthony Wenz in his Easter shirt, riding a bike at cousin Bruno's house. What a big boy!

Happy Ressurection Sunday! He is Risen!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Laundry Time

Who knew collecting laundry could be so fun? All those little hands love helping mommy get the laundry in to the laundry room, as long as it can rain down on them first as it comes over the balcony.
Mommy's private prayer for the next house is an upstairs laundry room (what were they thinking in the 70's? Throw the laundry down to wash, fold and bring it right back up?)


Justice Swing by Mommy

One of mommy's favorite shots, yes he is in a swing, yes he is upside down, yes that is his red wagon, and yes mommy took the photo... Okay okay, yes daddy is just outside the photo holding his feet so mommy can get the shot. Cool huh?

Fly Justice Fly - Up up to the sky....

The best gift on Christmas morning - all my men! Daddy-O, Roman, Justice and Caleb with his Lollipop! Thanks to Grandmom Rosalie for all the fab Christmas AM jammies. And yes haircuts come in the spring in the meantime the Wenz Gems are keeping it warm for the winter, daddy included.

Look at that face. This is Justice singing in the Christmas program at his school. Just before Christmas 2006.

Justice and Caleb and "Chex" Art in the kitchen. 12/2006